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With years of experience in the event industry, we manage a collection of purpose-built, experienced and entertaining bands that are perfect for every party imaginable.

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We’ve worked the wedding and party scene across the South West for many years now, amassing a great deal of experience from thousands of events and learning what works when it comes to hiring a band… and what doesn’t work. As such, we pride ourselves on being progressive, modern and forward-thinking in our management styles, mirrored in the services we provide. We don’t believe in having dozens of bands on our books, each performing a handful of gigs each year, never gaining the experience needed to really put on a show. No, we believe in quality over quantity, and the six bands on our roster - each of which perform upwards of 30-50 shows per year - are just that: quality, professional and highly skilled. For us, it’s personal - and we know that’s also the case for you. Each band is marketed individually, with their own websites and social media accounts allowing you to see the most recent reviews, while regularly updated blogs, photos and videos allow a unique, first-hand insight into their performances at weddings, functions and private parties across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.


Each band, exclusively managed by us, is built from scratch via a scrupulous audition process, designed to test each musician to ensure they’re the perfect fit for the group. We need to know they can hit those high notes; that they can play that guitar solo everyone knows; that they have the chemistry both you and we want from a live performance. All of the musicians on our books are professional, experienced performers, and many have shared the stage with household names and boast sponsorship deals with some of the music industry’s biggest suppliers. Having performed at countless weddings, parties and private functions, they not only know how to get the party started, but how to keep it going until the final note is played. They know exactly what you want and need and are tailored to supply just that. Not only that, but - perhaps more importantly - each fantastic musician is an equally fantastic person: easy to talk to, friendly and will go above and beyond to provide the perfect entertainment for you. So you know you’re in safe hands, both personally and professionally.


Weddings, events, private functions and parties… none of these work without meticulous, thorough and consistent communication between you and your vendors. We know this, which is why we pride ourselves on being extremely communicative, providing you with a point of contact from the moment you get in touch, throughout the lead up to your big day and even proceeding the conclusion of your event, to gather invaluable feedback to help us continue along a positive path. We believe in replying to clients at the earliest opportunities, and this is something that we have been praised for previously, with countless reviews citing our bands’ excellent communication. But it’s not just responding to you; we’re also proactive in ensuring you have all the information you need as soon as possible. Whether it’s our contract, your invoice, our PLI documents, or our Ts&Cs, we’ll make sure that you have everything you need before you ask for it. We’ll also liaise with you and your venue regarding timings, requirements and any other extras well in advance, so we all know exactly what’s expected of us on the day.


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