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Choosing Your Wedding Band in Cornwall with FPM Music Management

Are you hosting your wedding in the West Country and looking for exceptional wedding entertainment in Cornwall? For precisely that, FPM Music Management is the ideal choice. We represent some of Cornwall's finest wedding bands, guaranteed to make your special day one to remember!

Our roster features five outstanding wedding bands that cover Cornwall: The Atlantic, The Cove Club, Something Borrowed, Over the Threshold, and Route One. Each wedding band boasts a unique style and sound, ensuring the perfect match for every celebration.


The Atlantic

The Atlantic, a dynamic wedding band based in Cornwall, are primed and ready to elevate your special day in the South West of England. Known for their electrifying performances and diverse musical range, they infuse weddings in Cornwall with unmatched energy. With The Atlantic as your musical maestros, your celebration is sure to be unforgettable.

The Atlantic wedding band

The Cove Club

Experience the unparalleled magic of The Cove Club - an ensemble that transcends the ordinary to craft unforgettable moments for your wedding. Covering Cornwall, The Cove Club isn't just another wedding band; it's an immersive journey through diverse musical influences and captivating performances.

The Cove Club wedding band

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed is a vibrant three-piece rock/pop wedding band known for their dynamic mix of classic and modern hits. Their energetic and exciting performances are ideal for filling the dance floor and adding an extra touch of excitement to your wedding in Cornwall, and accros the South West.

Something Borrowed wedding band

Over the Threshold

Over the Threshold is a lively three-piece pop and rock wedding band known for their energetic mix of classic and contemporary covers. Their electrifying performances promise to make your wedding day truly unforgettable, and their diverse repertoire offers something for every guest. Serving Cornwall and nearby regions, Over the Threshold is the perfect choice for an exceptional wedding celebration.

Over the Threshold wedding band

Route One

Route One, a seasoned five-piece wedding band covering north Cornwall, has been delighting wedding guests for over four years. With a setlist of hits spanning multiple decades, their dynamic sound, charismatic lead singer, and impressive musicianship are guaranteed to impress your guests and keep the dance floor lively all night long.

Route One wedding band

Whichever band you choose, you'll be booking top-tier wedding entertainment from Cornwall's cream of the crop. At FPM Music Management, we take great pride in showcasing these exceptional Cornwall wedding bands, devoted to enriching your special occasion and etching unforgettable moments in your memory.


FAQs about our wedding bands in Cornwall

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Why put off the excitement any longer? It's time to ignite the party vibes and book one of our fantastic Cornwall wedding bands for your special day!

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